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Formerly incarcerated citizens aren't often greeted with warm welcms. In addition to societal pressures, stigmas and rejection, nearly 50% of returning citizens deal with mental health issues.


This dangerous combination often leads to new offenses and recidivism within two years of their release.




In order to keep up with family and friends, parole officers, job prospects, etc, many returning citizens have access to cell phones.


By partnering with re-entry programs, criminal justice reform advocates, social justice organizers, and formerly incarcerated citizens nationwide, Welcm has leveraged technology and community to create a ecosystem of hope for returning citizens to feel understood, equipped and encouraged as they navigate the ups and downs of re-entry.



By receiving a daily dose of hope, advice, testimonials, and encouragement from champions who believe in restorative justice, our new neighbors will have the mentorship and support system needed to reduce their chance of recidivism by 50%.

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